SEO Reporting

SEO reporting is the practice of demonstrating your results for search engine optimization work. It is the best possible way of increasing visibility for a business website and assets in Google. In general, reports let us know top keywords, overall keywords, new visitors, overall visitors, and website conversion metrics. The business requires SEO reports that justify the investment in the users services. For this, it is important to provide the report with key performance indicators (KPI), with useful information. With having the right SEO report, users will be able to quickly identify trends (both positive and negative), identify areas that need user’s attention, and see thoroughly the insights that you need to do your job.

Importance of SEO

SEO is the process of optimizing various elements across the site to enhance the experience for both users and search engines. Without SEO, sites can perform negatively and never make it to the higher ranking in SERPs. Search engines use bots to crawl the site. It stores information about the pages it finds in its indexes. Also, SEO is valuable as search engines reward quality, high-performing sites. If the site is optimized, it's likely that the site will rank highly in SERPs. And if the site reaches a higher position then it’s likely that the site will see an increase in traffic.

Fundamental aspects in SEO Reporting

1. Goal Reports

The best SEO company will make sure to set up goals or eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics like we provide for our clients. Each of our clients are seeking the number of goals the SEO traffic is driving. Goals include aspects such as Events, Page/Visit, Visit duration, Conversions, URL destinations. The purpose is, we want our client to see a direct link between our SEO efforts and how they're making a difference in helping our client’s reach their profit goals.

2. Number of Optimized Pages

With a website containing hundreds and thousands of pages, the reports we provide shows the number of pages we've optimized and also the number of pages still untouched. We make sure that the number of pages optimized grows with time while the latter number shrinks. This let's our client know that we're making a continuous  effort to improve the website.

3. Earned High-Quality Links

Links are one of the most important metrics to evaluate mainly Google's emphasis on reputation and authority, as per the EAT guidelines. We make sure to track any new earned links that we've helped clients land and highlight it in the report even if the SERP rankings or the inbound traffic doesn't meet the expectations.

4. Overall Keyword Growth and Increase in Ranking

If our client asks to rank a specific keyword, then we make sure to rank the related keywords too. In some cases, we have realised that its more easier to rank the related keywords than the keyword we were tasked with ranking. If we find out that our client's top keywords are losing their positioning on Google SERPs, we make a note of it and put our best efforts to solve it. We also present our client where we are making a decent online impact with SEO. 

Also, the main agenda of our SEO services is to get our clients to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) so that the pages link are more likely to be clicked. We make efforts to provide a report which tracks the site performance over time.

5. Monthly Growth

The SEO report we provide on a monthly basis shows how we are consistently improving and speaking to our ingerent need for instant gratification. The benefit we provide with monthly SEO is that our clients get more granular tracking highs and lows caused by seasonality. With time by working with our clients, we have been able to take advantage of seasonal fluctuations for better results. 

6. Click-Through Rate

Each of our clients desire to review the amount of click-through rate (CTR) they are receiving on their pages which we work to rank towards the top. It makes no sense if the site ranks high but receives no clicks. There are various tools we use to create a report about it. Those tools will not only show the average rank of specific keywords but also the CTR fro each of those keywords as well.

Tools for SEO Reporting

Different SEO reporting tools come with different strengths, like some are more focused on backlinks, while others get deep into keyword research and performance.

SEO Reporting for Site Analysis

To find out the areas that need improvement on our client's site , we execute an initial SEO report. We use the mentioned tools to assess the client's site. Here are some of the areas an auditing tool should examine:

1. On-page elements

-Technical elements: It includes title tags, meta descriptions and assesses whether H1 tags are being used in an appropriate manner.

-Indexed pages: It allows us to check that all the pages are being indexed by search engines.

-URLs: We use Google Search Console's URL parameter tool and remove underscores from the URLs.

2. Mobile friendly

Every time Google detects anyone searching the web on a mobile device, it ranks websites according to how mobile-friendly they are. Our SEO report assess a website's responsive design and mobile viewport presence, mobile page speed and make recommendations about how to optimize, mobile compatibility, font size, and touch screens.

3. Usability

Google prefers websites which work well for users. Our SEO report includes things that enhance the user experience like Favicons, Custom 404 pages, Doctype declaration, Language specified, use of Structured data markup, and SSL secure (HTTPS).

4.  Backlinks

Backlinks are a concrete ranking signal and should therefore be assessed for quality. We use SEO tool to explore; the number of backlinks, number of backlinks your competitors have, quality of backlinks, and number of referring domains.

5.  Social Media

SEO reports also explore how well we are doing across the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all. We connect client’s social media accounts with each other so that these can be properly assessed and monitored. 

6.  Site Crawl

We use the SEO tool with an SEO crawler feature so that it is able to highlight any crawling issues such as Duplicate content, in-page content, titles, and meta descriptions; Thin content, keyword density will be poor with it; HTTP Status; Indexing; Canonical URLs.

It has been proved that SEO is the best way to improve any site for both users and search engines and is highly effective at uplifting the site ranking higher and increasing web traffic. SEO reports are an important way of finding out what and how to optimize the site. We use the client's report to prioritize optimization initially by evaluating which areas are to have the greatest impact on the site. Using SEO reporting tools helps to conduct and measure progress with time. 

If you are looking to choose the best SEO company go for the best one. Organic search is still the most effective and powerful channel that continues to grow. Knowing about what an SEO company does and how to find the perfect one for your business is important in these rapidly changing advertising platforms.

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