Hello, we are FATDOG. 

A Hong Kong based creative digital agency turning great ideas
into unique experiences across all platforms.

Our design team is tailored for ambitious companies in rapid growth or major change. We’re here for those who challenge conventions and push for better. Through brand strategy, identity development, and design, we help our clients shape what’s next. Advances in technology let us make more useful products. But it’s first when they connect with us emotionally they have the power to become loved digital experiences. Working with brands and products as one, we tear down the wall separating heart and mind.

Our team gets the importance of gaining momentum. We know how to serve your early-stage needs and simultaneously build the foundation of a great brand. Teamed up with numerous technology companies, we create  defining digital experiences. We love seeing our clients succeed, and our experienced team knows what it takes to get there.

Our process

At first glance, the process we follow is simple, but it incorporates many important details that are vital to a successful innovation process. This process can be conducted on a small scale for a few innovation ideas, or serve as the foundation for multi-programme innovation at large corporations. Whichever the case, the key is not to skip any steps while still moving at a speed suited for innovation.

01 Brainstorming

We work hard to get a deep understanding of the brand, business, market, and physical stores.

02 Design

We draw on early research to design a full online shopping experience – prototyping and demoing constantly to get the UX and brand feel just right..

03 Front-end Development

In the frontend development phase, we take care of laying out all the key screens that we have designed, implementing the responsive behavior so that they are displayed correctly on mobiles and we will proceed with the integration with the chosen CMS.

04 Backend Development

Depending on the chosen CMS, either WordPress, Magento, Shopify the technical team involved will proceed to develop and adapt the CMS to the administration functionalities of your website.

05 Content Creation and Data Entry

Prior to generating the content, we focus on content ideation with detailed, strategic, and innovative ideas. We create engaging social media contents, video contents, blogging, and website content which are appealing and responsive. We diligently observe the performance of the content and use highly reliable tools to boost the results. We also offer Data Entry service to our clients. We make our clients’ day easier by intaking the tedious tasks of uploading data, images, content, creating pages, etc. This service connects well with SEO consulting/ optimization and copywriting services, optimizing content/ metadata, and direct site uploads.

06 Testing

We have years of experience with what it takes to keep up with fast-paced creative producers, project managers, designers, and developers. No matter what industry your project is in, chances are we’ve been there. We offer everything from manual to automated QA to API and performance testing. Whether you have active projects ready for testing or are just exploring your options, we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

07 Deployment on Server

Our reliable infrastructure solutions and managed cloud services make it easy for you to deploy your web apps and services. We help with deploying and managing your preferred platform so that our team can focus on providing value to your services. When you turn to us, you benefit from our experience across all of the leading cloud platforms and technologies. We can help you design, migrate, and manage the solution you need.